Would You Like To Become a Molecule Athlete?


We're always on the lookout for talented individuals that love our brand, products and what we stand for.  We're in the business of presentation and safety and you should be too!  If you have a real passion to promote, represent and grow the Molecule brand and would like to become a Molecule Athlete, please forward your Sponsorship Proposal to sponsorship@moleculeaustralia.com.au


Things we look for when selecting Molecule Athletes:

A very well presented team in every aspect

  • Transporter, Truck, Trailer
  • Car, Kart, Equipment
  • Racegear:  Helmet, Race Suit, Boot, Gloves
  • Team Apparel

- Honesty and integrity both on and off the track.

- Great social media presence.

- You are already an avid user and supporter of Molecule products.