Frequently Asked Questions

As you may have already guessed.  Answers to our most frequently asked questions for each product are listed below.  If for some reason you can't find an answer to your question, please don't hesitate to contact us at



I have a front load European low water use washing machine. How does that change how I use my new Molecule system?

Front loaders are fine, in fact that is what we use in the lab.

What about HE Washing Machines?

No problem, HE are High Efficiency but operate the same way.

I have a septic system. Are Molecule products safe to use?

We have many users with septic systems that have had no issues using Molecule products. 

Your directions recommend using a dryer with heat. I am concerned about the outcome. Do colors run? Items shrink?

Great question.  In accordance with Nomex® care instructions provided by DuPont, the fabric is heat resistant and is not effected in its raw form by drying.

However, with other fabrics, inks, curing times and applications ever evolving, we recommend taking caution in any extreme exposure to heat.  This includes die-sub style fabrics, heat transfer graphics and any other fabrics not designed for elevated heat environments.  When in doubt, be careful in applying drying techniques.

For best results Molecule PROTECTOR does need to be cured in the dryer on HIGH HEAT. Do this in 2 x 30min cycles.  This allows the fabric to cool in between.

I have a Safe-Quip Corner Marshal suit made of white FRC (fire resistant cotton). Will your product work on this material?

Simple answer, YES. Our system is best used with warm to hot water with WASH and then PROTECTOR works when it is heated in a dryer. Nomex® has no problem with this, however cotton will not perform as well under high heat – so let the FRC suit hang dry. We can guarantee you will like our WASH, even if you have to use cold water.  PROTECTOR optimally performs when heat is used to bond treatment to the fabric, although you’ll still see the benefits of the product when allowing to air dry.

I have a karting suit, non-Nomex®. Do your care products still work?

Absolutely. And countless testimonials from kart racers, motocross riders and other athletes are proof. Molecule’s proprietary anti-microbial and surfactants used are designed to handle the heavy abuse athletes see. To help eliminate odors, protect against stains and keep your gear looking fresh and clean, Molecule’s complete line is effective in all sports. We happen to design our products around the stringent care instructions specified by DuPont, Nomex®’s manufacture.

Just bought a new karting suit – what do I do?

Q: I recently purchased a Sparco X-Lite HC Nomex® suit for formula car racing, a Sparco X-Lite K suit for karting, a Sparco Imola suit for my son for karting and your Molecule Care Kit from Wine Country in Sonoma and have read though the enclosed directions and perused your website. I plan to apply the Molecule Protector to my Sparco X-Lite HC Nomex® suit prior to its first use. My question, is there any value to using the Molecule PROTECTOR on the two new karting suits mentioned above. I realize the karting suits do not have Nomex® and are not really at risk for fire, but I thought the Molecule PROTECTOR may simply be useful in preventing stains and/or for added rain protection. But as these new suits are not Nomex®, I was not sure if applying the protector and then putting the suits in the dryer on high for 60 minutes as per the directions would potentially cause suit damage. Please advise.

Thanks, Paul B Coleman, Modesto CA

A: Paul, Thanks for the email and thanks for purchasing our product. The PROTECTOR on the karting suits is a very good idea. What PROTECTOR does extremely well is repel hydrocarbon liquids which means- oils, fuels etc. The amount of oil coming off of chains and exhaust systems in karting is huge, especially on the back of the suit. If the oils are not allowed to penetrate deeply, they will clean off much more effectively when washed. Our MOLECULE WASH is extremely effective on oily soils, far more effective than traditional laundry detergents. We have many, many karters using the PROTECTOR, and are praising its performance. On another subject, we are finding that some of the new SPARCO suits are being manufactured with a “non-woven” inner lining. This non-woven material can have a tendency to migrate through the face fabric during the washing/drying tumbling process and cause “pilling” on the outside of the suit. That is why many of the new suits are coming with laundry bags to help minimize this phenomenon. We do not recommend the use of the laundry bag because that does not allow the suit to flow well in the wash cycle and therefore slightly degrades the cleaning process. We do however, recommend washing the suit on the gentle cycle in your washing machine. We also recommend you dry non-Nomex® suits by hang drying. The only time you will need to use the dryer is when you use the PROTECTOR.

What we recommend here is:

  1. Wash the suit with 4oz. of WASH and hang dry
  2. Liberally apply the PROTECTOR to the entire suit
  3. Make sure the PROTECTOR penetrates the fabric by rubbing it in with your hands if necessary
  4. Allow to air dry
  5. Put the PROTECTED and DRY suit in the dryer for 30 minutes on high heat (this is necessary to cure the PROTECTOR onto the fabric).
  6. Repeat step 5 one more time.
  7. You’re ready to RACE!

This process will work on all suits, Karting or Nomex®. This new recommendation has been developed to minimize the tumbling of the suits to reduce pilling and to minimize any potential shrinkage. Also, the REFRESHER can be sprayed onto the inside layer of the suits before going in the dryer, after washing and or when brand new. This will cure the anti-microbial and fabric softener to the inside fabric making the suit softer and more comfortable and keeps it from smelling. You can also use the REFRESHER on Nomex® underwear, socks and balaclavas to make them softer and keep them fresh smelling. It is pretty simple once you understand the products and their potential uses. Let us know if you have any more questions.



My suit instructions recommend “Dry Cleaning Only.” Why should I go against that?

Great point. Most manufacturers recommend dry cleaning because they believe it to be a safe method. Negatively, dry cleaning blasts it with harsh chemicals. It’s more costly, not as effective in the cleaning process and it takes time! Racers are always searching for ways to do things faster. Washing with MOLECULE is a more effective cleaning process removing the water soluble soils (sweat, etc) better than dry cleaning.

Isn’t dry cleaning the best way to clean my race suit, motocross gear and other sports equipment?

Molecule makes machine-washing the best way to clean racing suits and sports equipment including NOMEX. Dry cleaning is acceptable, but the expense and effort is not necessary. The proof is in the thousands of suits cleaned by Molecule. We designed Molecule to work directly with specifications of Nomex®; meaning the design of the cleaners at the proper ph levels and specifically chosen surfactants to be most effective in the sport environment.

What is the value of an antimicrobial agent?

This is our secret ingredient.  Bacteria is everywhere and grows when it is given food and water.  Well, news flash, when you sweat you're feeding the bacteria and its growth is accelerated.  As the bacteria goes through its life cycle, it begins to breakdown and cause odor.  Hence, our powerful antimicrobial agent in both WASH and REFRESHER is your way to combat against the odor causing bacteria.

Why is Molecule WASH better than regular detergent?

Molecule WASH was designed for the unique soils of racing and sports environments. Ordinary detergents also contain additives that can attract moisture, oils, and flammable stains. Once you try it, you’ll be a believer!

I just bought a brand new suit (or my first time using WASH), what should I do?

If the suit is new, we recommend you clean it first with 4oz. (about 120mL) of WASH in the machine, warm/hot water and gentle cycle. Once the suit is finished its wash cycle, it now has the Molecule anti-microbial agent throughout all the fabric. While the suit is clean, spray PROTECTOR liberally over the outside of the suit covering all areas and place in the dryer on high heat for 30 minutes and then again for 30 minutes (this allows the fabric to cool in between)

Spot Cleaner

How do I use SPOT CLEANER?

SPOT CLEANER is a concentrated version of WASH that is designed to be a pre-treatment before going through the normal machine wash cycle.  Apply SPOT CLEANER to heavily stained area and gently rub with a terry cloth towel.  Wash as normal.

I have a heavy stain, can I use SPOT CLEANER without immediately washing?

No problem.  Apply SPOT CLEANER to stain, rub gently with terry cloth towel.  To ensure soil is fully remove, apply a bit of water to dilute any residue.


What does PROTECTOR actually do?

PROTECTOR creates a barrier against any liquid substance that may come in contact with your suit; this includes fuels, oils, greases and water. This is important for two reasons. First, although Nomex® will help in creating a barrier against fire, if that Nomex® suit is soaked with fuel, you’re safety barrier is greatly compromised.  Second, to keep you’re suit looking fresh and clean, PROTECTOR makes it easier to wash and prevent petroleum based stains from ruining your image – more importantly the image of your sponsors.

Ok, I’m sold on the benefits of PROTECTOR, how do I use it?

With a clean suit, liberally spray the exterior of the suit with PROTECTOR. While still damp, put the suit in the dryer on medium HEAT, yes HEAT. Protector is designed to work best when it is heat cured. The polymer creates a bond with the fabric to repel liquids and it works. Don’t believe us? Watch the video or try for yourself.

Put my race suit in the dryer…won’t it shrink?

We’ve washed thousands of suits and our product has been on the market since 2006; shrinking is not an issue. Nomex® is designed to see high heat and working closely with DuPont care instructions for the ideal fabric care, we have seen, in the worst case scenario, very minor shrinking.  If you still have a concern about shrinking, there’s still a solution.  Wash the suit with Molecule WASH, apply PROTECTOR once clean and let hang dry, usually overnight.  Take the dry suit and put in dryer for a short 10 minute run on medium heat – you’ll activate the bonding action PROTECTOR in the short burst.

Nomex® fabric was engineered to withstand temperatures near 700˚F. Residential dryers operate at well under 200˚F and will not harm the fabric.

Does PROTECTOR work on kart suits?

Yes.  PROTECTOR is a great barrier against chain lube, fuel stains of grease spots.  PROTECTOR is compatible with all types of fabrics and technical fabrics used in karting suits are a perfect match.

Sounds like PROTECTOR creates a barrier. Is it still breathable?

Sure is. PROTECTOR bonds to the individual threads creating a barrier against liquids, but suit will maintain the same breathability as before applied.

Will Molecule PROTECTOR reduce the fire rating of my suit?

Molecule Protector creates a durable protective coating without affecting the suit’s fire rating. Rigorous SFI testing has proved it.

How often should I use Molecule PROTECTOR?

Thoroughly re-apply Molecule PROTECTOR after 4 to 6 wash cycles. For ultimate protection, apply a light spray coating after every wash cycle. If you occasionally have your racing suit dry- cleaned, thoroughly re-apply Molecule PROTECTOR after. Always dry your suit on medium heat after applying Molecule PROTECTOR.


What do I do with REFRESHER? Where can I use it?

REFRESHER is the most versatile product in our lineup.  After countless race weekends, we knew the joys of fresh driver gear was over after the first ontrack session. REFRESHER was designed to keep your driving gear fresh when not able to directly wash it.  Trust us, you need this.

REFRESHER is perfect for all the hard to clean sports equipment.  Use it on:

  • Soccer – shin guards, goalie gloves, cleats, bags, uniforms
  • Hockey – helmets, uniforms, gloves, pads, skates, goalie equipment, hockey shorts
  • Crossfit/Boot Camp/MMA – ropes, bars, mats, gloves, wrist wraps, knee braces, kettle bells
  • Football – shoulder pads, sleds, helmets, gloves
  • Lacrosse – helmets, gloves, cleats, uniforms
  • Sports – you name it, refresher works on it

Can I use Molecule REFRESHER on my Nomex® underwear?

Sure can.  It is recommended for use on all layers of protective clothing.

Why do you say REFRESHER is the most versatile?

 Molecule REFRESHER was developed with cosmetic-grade, skin-friendly ingredients. It is recommended for use on all layers of protective clothing. In fact, REFRESHER is our most versatile product. Use it on:

  • Shoes
  • Gloves
  • Helmet liners
  • Seats
  • Seat belts
  • Gear Bags
  • Hats
  • Crew Shirts
  • Floor mats
  • Vehicle interiors
  • And that stinky crew member that doesn’t know how the shower works


Helmet Cleaner & Polish

What does Cleaner & Polish do?

No surprises here – it cleans and polishes your lid.  Safe on all types of finishes, solution has a light cleaning element targeted to both petroleum (oils/fuels) and organic (dirt/bugs) build up.  The polish component is a non-wax based reactive siloxane the attaches to the surface without having a slimy feel.

Can I use Cleaner & Polish on my visor?

Certainly. Formula does not contains ammonia, so it’s safe on plastics. Will not etch or scratch. Be sure to use a clean micro-fiber towel for best results.

Helmet Refresher

What happens when I sweat – will REFRESHER burn if it gets in my eye?

Apply REFRESHER to the inside of the helmet (BUT NOT THE VISOR) and let dry.  Once the solution dries, the polymer attaches to the helmet liner and will not be carried off.  We have had no reports of it ever being an issue.  Be careful, don’t use a helmet if REFRESHER is still wet to the touch.


How do I use ANTI-FOG?

Apply to the inside surface of your visor, goggles or windscreen.  Allow solution to dry to a light haze and then buff off with a clean, dry micro-fiber towel.  Need more science – check out reduction of surface tension.

Rain Repel

How do I keep my visor clean when it’s raining?

We’ve lived it, rain pouring down at Road America, the back of a soaked driving glove does no good in keeping your visor clear. Hence, Rain Repel. Apply to the outside of you visor, windscreen or any surface you don’t want water to accumulate and watch the rain bead off in large droplets. Need further info, check out the power of surface tension on YouTube.



How do I use CLEANER?

CLEANER is our answer to all the hard to clean areas of the race car, bike, truck or kart.  CLEANER is designed to hit the heavy rubber marks to the nasty grime picked up on the track.  We’ve proven it, using CLEANER to effectively return cars looking new after 24 hours of competition. Safe on plastics, paint, vinyl, metals and effective on petroleum based stains.

Use as a degreaser on heavy grime and simply spray on and wipe off. It returns metals to new looking condition.  CLEANER has quickly become Molecule’s best selling product.


Why is DETAILER better than any other instant detailer?

Good question. We got tired of trying to keep a race car clean in middle of a hot paddock.  Off-the-shelf detailers were either heavy in wax or dried instantly when we put it on a hot race car.  We designed a detailer to give the polished shine without the mess.  Works great on bodywork, frame rails, plastics and rubber to get a shine without the slime.