Have you used Molecule products and have a story to share? We appreciate your feedback and would love to hear from you!

Brett Smrz

The first time I ever used Molecule was on my kart racing suit that was full of chain lube and grease. It took the stains right out and made it look brand new! Now I use Molecule after every race so I always look my best for my sponsors. If you want to keep your suit looking new, Molecule is the product for you!

Matt Allison

My driving suit never looked so good, I feel safer in it too!

Chris Birdsong

I tested Molecule on my driver’s suit and the products are phenomenal. It leaves a great fragrance after the wash and feels great too. I now wash all my clothes with your product, little pricey washing all my clothes but chicks love the smell lol.

James Kim

Molecule makes it easy to clean my suit. Since I drive race cars and go karts for a driving school it makes my suit look good for the customers and the company. I really like the way it sheds water during rainy days. I use the Refresher in my helmet too.